New England Food Allergy Treatment Center (NEFATC), LLC is comprised of 2 state-of-the-art modern facilities.  Our centers are strategically located in West Hartford, Connecticut and Quincy (Boston), Massachusetts which allows us to service the New England Region and beyond.

Founded in 2010, NEFATC has serviced over 2,000+ patients with a desensitization success rate of over 85%.  The Centers have the most experienced food allergy specialists in the region, and are the only free standing food allergy centers for oral immunotherapy.

Our facilities each have over 3,000 square feet of space which is devoted exclusively to the treatment of food allergies.  They are staffed by dedicated nurses and there is a physician on premises at all times.  Emergency medical supplies (medication and equipment) are readily available to treat allergic reactions should they occur.

The West Hartford Center is five minutes from St. Francis Hospital and less than ten minutes from Connecticut Children’s Medical Center and Hartford Hospital.  It is conveniently located near I-84 and is only several blocks away from Blue Back Square and West Hartford Center.  There is easy access to Hartford by car, plane or bus.

The Boston Center is less than 10 minutes from South Shore Hospital which has a Pediatric Emergency Room staffed by Boston Children’s Hospital.  It is conveniently located near I-90, I-93 and I-95.  There is easy access to Quincy by car, train (the T), plane or bus.

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NEFATC West Hartford

836 Farmington Ave. Suite 138, West Hartford, CT 06119

(860) 986-6099

NEFATC West Hartford CT

We Offer Exciting Food Allergy Treatment

to desensitize patients with peanut, tree nut, milk, egg, and sesame allergies using a procedure known as oral immunotherapy (OIT) in which patients are fed small incremental amounts of food proteins to which they are allergic.

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for all our food allergy desensitization programs at our state-of-the-art West Hartford, CT and Boston, MA Centers.


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